Never Trust, Always Verify

Network traffic is increasing exponentially imposing ever increasing challenges to network monitoring and analysis tools. BYOD, Vx workloads, migration to SaaS etc. add complexity and unpredicted traffic patterns. All these expose significant surface areas for threat vectors to execute. Bad actors move and out of the network. It is simply naïve to imagine that networks Read more about Never Trust, Always Verify[…]

VoIP Call Quality and Operational Analytics

VoIP has become a critical and central part of the modern network. Any outage or poor service levels has an immediate and sizable impact on business. The causes for these disruptions and quality issues can be difficult to assess and can come from a variety of sources. VoIP infrastructure often involves disparate systems inter-worked together Read more about VoIP Call Quality and Operational Analytics[…]

Application Performance Monitoring and SLA Verification for Enterprises

In today’s connected world, networks represent the foundation for e-communication, critical applications and a homogeneous ecosystem for businesses. While LAN/ WAN often connect sites, business has become increasingly dependent on the Internet link. Cloud applications SaaS/ PaaS, VPN connectivity, customer access – all depend on the Internet link.