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A team with a lifetime of experience in Packet Processing, Record Interception and Retention, Volume Management, Policy Compliance and Enforcement, 1-100 Gbps DPI and more. The list is long, but as we like to say “Accelerating Everything Packets”


In today’s wired world the network represents the very foundation for all communication. Given this context, it is far more important to enforce compliance, identify security threats and manage SLA’s.

Packets are and will continue to be the key component of this fabric. It is no longer relevant to merely identify traffic flows via IP’s and Ports. Instead, information such as event contexts, data sentiment, patterns and geo locations are far more relevant. Deep understanding of the traffic flows, and context correlations alongside data enrichment is key. There are numerous approaches to achieving this, and there is no one size that fits all.

We recognized this early on and envisioned a platform with several modular and high performance processing blocks that seamlessly work with each other, enhancing and amplifying the functions of the deployed solution

The Courant Networks "DNA"

Building Blocks

Building Blocks are the DNA to the Courant Networks Platform. Traffic Acqusition block, DPI block, Data Extraction block, Context Enrichment block, Context Correlation Block, Data Connector block, Data Storage block, and so on.

Each block seamlessly connects with the other, allowing us to rapidly build solutions, that fit a deployment, rather than one size fits all. Be it for Geo Location of a Threat Actor as a part of Data Analytics, or Forensics during and after a compromise, or Reg NMS Compliance and so on

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