Visibility and TroubleShooting

In today’s connected world, networks represent the foundation for effective communication, critical applications and a homogeneous ecosystem for businesses.

While LAN/ WAN often connect sites, business has become increasingly dependent on the Internet link. Cloud applications SaaS/ PaaS, VPN connectivity, customer access – all depend on the Internet link.

Yet that link also accommodates traffic that can be highly disruptive to capacity, performance and security: Streaming Video and Audio content, OS and App downloads, Social Media and Gaming, even just breaking news that pushes employees to media outlets. How well the network functions has a direct impact on successful execution of business objectives.

Increasing network bandwidth can help relieve capacity constraints, but is often short-lived, as new capacity is quickly eaten up by ever increasing bandwidth demand. A new approach is needed.

VoIP has become a critical and central part of the modern network. Any outage or poor service levels has an immediate and sizable impact on business. The causes for these disruptions and quality issues can be difficult to assess and can come from a variety of sources.

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