VoIP Call Quality and Operational Analytics

VoIP has become a critical and central part of the modern network. Any outage or poor service levels has an immediate and sizable impact on business. The causes for these disruptions and quality issues can be difficult to assess and can come from a variety of sources.

VoIP infrastructure often involves disparate systems inter-worked together with many different protocols, call routing, registration and load balancing strategies. Regardless of the technology or vendor in use, each piece of the infrastructure sends packets over the network. COURANT NETWORKS probes listen passively on the wire, extracting and correlating call and media information, building KPI metrics to these for QoE assurance at scale. Giving better understanding of call quality, and errors as shown in the picture below.

Before optimizing performance, an accurate picture of the network is needed.You can’t manage what you don’t see, and visibility is essential to building an effective, VoIP network.

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